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Nicole Heere

Nicole Heere is an American artist with international appeal. She studied under the late Chicano artist Bruno Andrade, who’s mentor was a pupil of Hans Hofmann and Josef Albers. Recognized by both Vogue Paris and Vogue Germany, Nicole’s work quickly gained traction throughout the USA and Europe. She collaborated with Teatr Łaźnia Nowa Poland, creating the poster art for the play titled All About My Mother, which can be seen on billboards and posters throughout the city of Kraków during the play’s run. Nicole has also been featured in numerous magazines, newspapers and live news reports. Nicole herself graced the cover of Jasper Magazine in 2016. 


Nicole’s style is the result of a mix of influences.  She grew up near San Antonio, Texas, where Chicano art and culture dominate the scene. She studied at The University of Texas at San Antonio and obtained her BFA in 2006. To this day, Chicano art influences Nicole’s choice of color in every painting she creates. After college she met and married a Dutch professor and began spending time in the Netherlands. Inspired by the old Dutch masters, Nicole developed a passion for figurative painting. Her biggest influence came in 2017 when Nicole gave birth to her daughter. Her daughter’s affinity for big beautiful dresses is unquestionably evident in Nicole’s artwork. All told, these influences have culminated into dynamically colored, classically painted women in flowing, beautiful gowns.  

Nicole and her family reside in Dallas, Texas where she continues to create alluring works of art.