1985: Began oil painting at the age of 5: La Vernia, TX

2002: Studied color theory under Bruno Andrade, A Smithsonian Institution Artist: Corpus Christi, TX 

2006: Graduated with a BFA from The University of Texas at San Antonio: San Antonio, TX 

Artists Collaborations:

2003: Worked with famed artist Alex Rubio on a building mural: San Antonio, TX 

2005: Worked with Serbian artist Milica Tomic while she was in residence at ArtPace: San Antonio, TX 

Galleries who have Represented Nicole:

2009: Art USA: Austin, TX

2011-2012: The Great Artists Collective: New Orleans, LA

2012-2013: Luminarte Gallery: Dallas, Texas (Voted #1 gallery in Dallas by A-List voters in 2014)

2012-2013: Agora Gallery: New York, NY (Named a top gallery in NYC by CBS News in 2012)

2013: Kallenberg Gallery pop-up: Charleston, SC

2015: Ripe Art Gallery: Huntington, NY

2016: Kakar House of Design: Miami, FL

2016 - Present: French Art Network, Galerie Rue Toulouse: New Orleans, LA

2017 - Present: Mitchell Hill Gallery: Charleston, SC


2012: KXAN News Austin highlighted "Mayor of the Night" painting

2012: "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall" painting featured in Patron Magazine

2012: The Dallas Morning News highlighted Nicole's art in Arts & Life Sunday

2012: Featured in Origin Magazine twice

2012: "Touchdown Jesus" painting featured in Point of Vue Magazine

2013: Featured in Gallery & Studio Magazine

2013: Featured on

2013: Featured on Art Mag Charleston website

2014: "The Sad Song of Billie Holiday" painting featured on the cover of "Brilliant Corners" Jazz Journal

2016: Featured artist at Design Night Out Miami

2016: Poster art for the play "All About My Mother" at Theatre Laznia Nowa Poland

2016: "Mrs. Mary Jane" painting trended on Instagram

2016: "Mommy's Little Helpers" painting used in advertising local theatre on billboards in the city of Krakow, Poland

2016: Works included in Columbia Artists Guild inaugural show "Our Art: A Celebration of Life and Creative Freedom" in Columbia, South Carolina

2016: Artwork presented at "Figure Out" art exhibition in Columbia, South Carolina

2016: Cover artist for Fall issue of Jasper Magazine

2016-2017: Artist in Residence at Tapp's Art Center in Columbia, South Carolina 

2016: Featured on ArtsWACH for WACHFox news Columbia, South Carolina

2016: Artist meet and greet at Galerie Rue Toulouse in New Orleans, LA

2017: Solo show at Kershaw County Arts Center in Camden, SC

2017: Group exhibition at Tapp's Art Center in Columbia, SC

2017: Featured in French Quarterly Magazine, New Orleans, LA

2017: Solo Show at Patriot's Hall Performing Arts Center (Formerly Jasper John's High School) in Sumter 

Nicole Heere is a Texas born painter inspired by Warhol, Lichtenstein, Shepard Fairey and Banksy. She paints dramatic portraits using techniques on the crossroad between pop and realism. Nicole implements the use of oil paint and acrylic paint creating the balance between pop art mediums and traditional mediums. Yet where many modern masters have patriarchal subjects, Nicole falls back on her southern feminine roots and grounds her characters in traditional female roles.  All this results in provocative and empowering paintings that challenge cultural identities and stereotypes. 

Nicole obtained a BFA from The University of Texas at San Antonio in 2006. While attending school she worked with several renowned artists such as Alex Rubio and Milica Tomic and received mentorship from the late Chicano artist Bruno Andrade, a Smithsonian Institution American artist, whose influences trace back to his mentors who studied under Hans Hofman and Josef Albers. Andrade continued to utilize the Albers method of color theory and passed that down to Nicole. Andrade believed Nicole to be a stand out amongst her peers and encouraged her to pursue a professional career as an artist. 

Nicole’s life has been the inspiration for her painting subjects. Nicole lost her mother at an early age from cancer and had to learn to “cut-it with the boys - boys who didn’t want to let the girls in”. Inspired by the Guerrilla Girls and their social activism, she too wanted her art to have layers of feminism to it. “I don’t belong barefoot in the kitchen, I belong barefoot in the studio,” Nicole asserts. She immediately found that people across all social influences began connecting to her work. 

Her fast emergence as a promising artist has not gone unnoticed. The Dallas Morning News called her work “particularly noteworthy”. KVUE News Austin prominently featured one of her paintings in a live report and called her painting of a local celebrity “unique”. WACHFox News Columbia interviewed Nicole for Arts WACH. Additionally, her work has been featured in Origin Magazine, Literacy Head, Point of Vue Magazine, Patron Magazine, and the cover of Brilliant Corners Jazz Journal. In fall 2016, Jasper Magazine featured Nicole on the cover dressed as a housewife wearing classic yellow rubber gloves with her middle finger powerfully extended.

Her success has continued with numerous exhibitions, and press. In February 2016 Nicole’s paintings were a trending topic on Instagram and in March 2016 she was a featured artist at Design Night Out Miami. Nicole’s art has also gained a following in Europe as it was featured in an advertising campaign by Laznia Nowa Theatre Poland. Her painting “Mommy’s Little Helpers” was used on billboards and posters throughout the city of Krakow, Poland.

Artist statement

Nicole Heere


I create art from a feminist perspective. My goal is to ridicule both male and female stereotypes in the hopes of empowering women and challenging the notion of hyper masculinity. Wether it is America's obsession with super heroes or our naive representation of the good ole' days, I like to challenge the misconceptions about every day cultural icons. Yet, I aim to send a positive message. I reject the critical negativity that is often associated with 'the cause' - as a true yogi I believe in zen and my art is meant to make you feel good. The message is presented 'in jest', and ultimately I would like viewers to smile when they see my art. As the yogi B.K.S. Iyengar once said: "live happily and die majestically."